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Consultant & Programmer

Hey! My name is Vlad Feroiu.  I would love to chat with you about your project and see where I can help.  I have over 10 years of programming &  management experience working with large companies and tech startups. I have the confidence that I can help you create scalable multi-platform applications with the right design patterns. 

Company portals

Client portal that  acts as a landing page to introduce the public to a business/service


Download Portal for Enterprise Mobile Apps


Ticket support system

Billing System


Mobile Apps

Mobile apps  designed to run on any platform (IOS, Android, Windows)

View/Edit Assets

Schedule/Assign Tasks with Location & Time

Location/GPS/Map Services

Violation Rule Triggers

Historical data/Audit Trail

Custom Report Generation

Location Management

Manage Users/Access Control

Organization Chat/Messenger


Analytical dashboard that allows managers to get an overview of their assets

Create Custom Reports(Invoice, Asset Status Summary, Asset Service History, User History)

Machine Learning to Help Predict Future Issues

Wear & Tear Calculations

Smart Inventory Resupply Suggestions

Customizable Fleet Rules to Trigger Alerts

Asset Performance Metrics